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Real Estate is my passion! My path to the Real Estate world was not like many people... I came to real estate from a science background. I reached the highest level someone can reach in science, achieving a PhD in biomedical sciences and three years of post-doctoral training. I received numerous scientific awards and became a Banting and Best scholar. After maternity my mind changed, and I felt I enjoyed helping people more directly. I have built a strong team of trusted contractors, financial planners, mortgage professionals and other ancillary services, who contribute to making a smooth experience whether you’re looking to buy, sell or renovate properties. My greatest strength is helping my clients to achieve beyond their initial goals. I provide them up to date information about the market and trends and share with them the less known details to get better than what they came for. My approach involves formulating solutions and planning strategies, to help my clients realize their dreams home at a financial success. I listen to my clients very carefully to understand their needs and desires completely.

Amanda Hayashi

PhD, Broker

Meet The Team

Flaviana Hayashi is our client experience manager. You can count on Flaviana for anything you need and she is always willing to help. Flaviana is an accountant and has experience as a client specialist for over 14 years. She is extremely smart and friendly.

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